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Mystery of the Ages


Master Key of Prophecy

(1983 USBIP)

Does God Exist?


What Science Can't Discover

About the Human Mind


Book of Revelation

Unveiled at Last!


Wonderful World Tomorrow


Ending Your Financial Worries


World Peace -

How It Will Come


Did God Create a Devil?


Did God Create Human Nature?


Which Day is the

Christian Sabbath?


Where is the True Church?


Where are Enoch and Elijah?


 When Were the Crucifixion

and the Resurrection?


Is God a Trinity?


Is There Life After Death?


Never Before Understood -

Why Humanity Cannot Solve

Its Evils (1981)

Why Were You Born?


Plain Truth About Christmas


What Do You Mean

Born Again?


What Do You Mean Salvation?


What is Faith?


Who or What is

the Prophetic Beast?


Seven Laws of Success


Your Awesome Future -

How Religion Deceives You


Does God Exist?


Predestination -

Biblical Doctrine?


When Should We Take

the Communion?



Ten Commandments


True History of

the True Church

Just What Do You Mean -

Kingdom of God


Your Marriage Can Be Happy


Marriage - Soon Obsolete?


God's Holy Days


Resurrection Was

Not on Sunday


All About Water Baptism


Santa Biblia

World Held Captive


Missing Dimension in Sex

(2006 text)


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