Catalogue of GTA Audios and Videos

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      Radio Church of God
            Jly     GTA's First Television program (video excerpts only)            DVD
      07 Oct     No Bible Contradictions - Study (FOT Big Sandy)17m CD
           Nov    GTA's First Radio Program (First 25 seconds only)       CD
                      Corporal Punishment TWT program (First 4 minutes)    CD
           Fall      Downfall of USA by South America                  73 min CD
           Fall      Lamentations  (All over by 1980)                      78 min CD
      08 Nov    Summary of Acts  (Tithes, priesthood)               80 min CD
      06 Oct     GTA sings: "If God so Clothed the Grass"                      CD MP3
                      A Time of Crime  (TWT - 30 minute radio program)

                      Juvenile Delinquency (TWT) (5 minute excerpt)             CD
      22 Nov    Assassination of JFK (TWT) (First 30 seconds)             CD
           Jne      The Story of Adam                                                       CD
        Jn/Jly      Panorama of the Bible 1   2   3   4   5                            CD
           Sep     How Would Jesus Vote                                                CD
                      1975 in Prophecy 1   -  1975 in Prophecy 2  (glitches)
                      Fantastic Nightmare (First 30 secs - Radio London)      CD
                      Just What is God
                      Life in the USA                                                             CD
                      The Gospel Series 1 (clicky)  -  The Gospel Series 2                        
                      What is Education  (damaged)
                      Why Bible Prophecy  (faulty at 15-21min)
           Mar    Child Rearing  (Damaged intro)
       16 Mar    First On-the-Spot broadcast at Cape Kennedy (Audio) CD
            Apr    Inside the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem (excerpt)  (Audio) CD
       08 May   At the Anzio military cemetery in Italy-First 30s (Audio) CD
            Sep    From West Berlin                                                          CD
            Sep    The Fourth Commandment (Glitch@5min)
                      What is a Real Christian
                      Christ's Coming
            Oct    True Education
            Nov   The Sixth Commandment (Faults)
      Nov/Dec The Eighth Commandment (Damaged)       

Worldwide Church of God

        08 Aug   From the Golan Heights in Syria (First 30 sec) (Audio)   CD
        16 Jly   At Cape Kennedy for the Moon Launch (First 2 min)       CD
                      Russia in Prophecy                                                         CD
                      To Ruin a Marriage                                                        CD
              Oct  Alcoholism (TWT) ( First 4 minutes)                               CD
                      What is the True Gospel (tv audio)                                 CD

                      The Gospel of Jesus       (tv audio)                                 CD

                      Seven Proofs God Exists (TWT)                                    CD

                      Five minute radio programs x32 (The Real Jesus, Come
                      Help Humanity, the Population Explosion,  Principals of
                      Health, The Ten Commandments, The Modern Romans, 
                      Evolution, Prophecy, A False Jesus, Is This the End Time)    MP3 
                     The World Needs Love (tv audio excerpt)                       CD

                     The Financial Economy  (tv audio-TWT 1080)

                     World Government is Almost Here  (TWT 1086)            CD MP3

          Dec     The History of Bread  (TWT) (Last "hissy" 20 minutes)    CD

                     Your Religion

     03 Jan      Heart, Health and Exercise (noisy)                                   CD
     07 Jan      The Fortieth Anniversary of The World Tomorrow           CD
     20 Jan      Mid-East Crisis (TWT)                                                    CD
     21 Jan      Questions Answered  (TWT)                                           CD
          Feb     The Fortieth Anniversary of the Plain Truth magazine        CD
     17 Feb     False Prophets (TWT)                                                     CD
     10 Apr     End-Time Campaign in New Orleans (About Hiroshima)  CD MP3
     13 Apr     Excerpts of GTA on "Fourcorners"                                   CD
          Jne      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1-6 (tv audios)     CD MP3

                     FH1 - FH2 - FH3 - FH4 - FH5 - FH6

                     Jeremiah 1  -  Jeremiah 2  (tv audios)                                CD MP3
                     The Sermon on the Mount (TWT)                                    CD
                     The Occult Explosion (First 17 minutes) noisy                   CD
                     What Good is Religion  (tv audio)                                     CD
                     Portland, Oregon Campaign (TWT)                                  CD MP3

                     The Kingdom of Christ  (TWT 5417) (tv audio)

                     Who Was Jesus (TWT 5419)                                          CD MP3

                     The Big News  (TWT 5425)
                     Utopia (TWT - First 7 minutes only)                                 CD
                     The Life and Times of Jesus 1 (tv audio)                           CD
                     The Life and Times of Jesus 2 (tv audio)                           CD
                     The Unpardonable Sin 1 (tv audio)                                   CD MP3

                     The Unpardonable Sin 2 (tv audio)                                   CD MP3

                     Heaven and the Resurrection HR1 - HR2                         CD MP3

                     The Gospel (TWT)                                                          CD MP3

                     What is the Gospel (First 13 min)(tv audio)
                     The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 1                            CD
                     The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 2                            CD MP3
                     Human Nature
                     Human Vanity                                                                  CD MP3

                     Changing Human Nature (TWT)                                       CD MP3
                     Bible Truths (TWT)                                                          CD
                     Bible Prophecy - A United States of Europe is coming (muff)

                     The Coming World Government                                       CD MP3
                     Origin of Easter1Origin of Easter2Origin of Easter3          MP3

                     Easter and the Quartodecimins (TWT)                              CD
                     Playing God (TWT)                                                          CD
                     Child Rearing - Poko (tv audio)(muffled)                           CD
                     The Modern Romans - Food prices (tv audio)                  CD
                     The Modern Romans NY                                                 CD
                     Life in Rome (Last 6 minutes)
     18 Sep     The Modern Roman World - Lenin (muffled)                    CD
     19 Sep     Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent (TWT)                        CD
     20 Sep     The Youth Drug Scene (TWT)                                         CD
     12 Nov    The Occult 1 - The Occult 2 - The Occult 3 (TWT's)        CD
     13 Nov    Ancient Mythology                                                           CD
                     False Beliefs (TWT)                                                         CD

                     Heaven on Earth (Last 9 min)

                     Born Again (Last 10 min) (tv audio)

                     End Times  (Last 6 min)

           Mar   Kinds of Awards (TWT t-v audio, 11 min) (Unclear)         CD
           Apr    Is This the End Time - Night in Eugene (TWT-First 15m)  CD MP3
           Sep    The Greatest Best Kept Secret - FOT St Petersburg FL   CD
          (Same) Re-named by ICG as "Gods Personal Dealings With Man"
           Jan     Britain (Last 5 minutes)(To be continued)

                     Events in South Africa (TWT) noisy                                   CD

           Jan     The Rhodesian Situation (TWT) (No intro)                        CD

                     Ocean Pollution (TWT)                                                     CD MP3
                     Bible Times (TWT)                                                           CD
                     The End of the World (TWT)                                            CD
                     Nuclear Destruction (tv audio)                                           CD
                     What is the Gospel (TWT - First 14 minutes)                    CD
                     Nuclear Energy  1976 (tv audio)                                       CD
                     Going to Heaven (TWT)(Music overspill damage)             CD
                     A Super World Government (TWT 4989? First 8m)
                     Modern Dating (Last 3m)
                     The Spirit of Science (TWT First 8m)
                     In Pasadena (Live Appearance) (TWT 5427)                    CD MP3
                     Our Bankrupt Pagan Society (TWT 5443) (First 5m)

                     Religious Ritualism (TWT 5453) (Bit missing from middle)  CD
                     The Real Jesus (TWT 5454) First 3m (Middle missing)
                     Is Sex Sin (TWT 5456) (Big middle gap)
                     Seven Proofs God Exists  (TWT 5498?) (Middle missing)

                     Money and the Economy (TWT 5514) (Middle missing)    CD

                     The Modern Romans 1976 (TWT 5515)                           CD

                     Fulfilled Prophecy Sixth Proof of God (TWT 5516)           CD MP3

                     What is Human Nature Part 1 (In Pasadena) (TWT 5519) CD

           Nov   Election '76 Grinding Away (TWT)(Last 7 min +Overspill) CD
                     Crime Can Be Stopped (TWT 5524)                                CD MP3

           Nov   South Africa (TWT 5530)                                                 CD MP3

                     World Government  (TWT 5533/40?)                               CD MP3

                     Heaven and the Resurrection (TWT5536) (tv audio)          CD

                     Heaven and the Resurrection (TWT5537)                         CD MP3

                     Misplaced Blame Part 1 (Live in Pasadena)(TWT 5546)   CD

                     Modern Romanlike Society  (TWT 5549)                         CD MP3

                     Has God Changed (TWT 5550)                                       CD MP3

                     The Real Jesus (TWT 5551?) (Middle missing)

                     Being Born Again (TWT 5552) (Don't get mad)                CD MP3

                     Thanksgiving  (TWT 5553) (tv audio)                                CD

                     Famine (TWT 5558)                                                         CD MP3

                     Crime Crisis (TWT 5565)                                                 CD MP3

                     Human Nature is the Problem (bad intro) (TWT 5579)      CD  

                     Which Day is the Christian Sabbath (TWT 5599) L3
                     Jesus Christ a Prophet (F4 - L2 Big middle gap)
                     The Black Horse (TWT First 9m) (damaged)
      25 Dec   Bible Misconceptions                                                         CD
      01 Jan    Missionaries and Salvation  (78)                                         CD
      08 Jan    After Death (Ch10)                                                            CD
      08 Jan    How Jesus Appeared  (poor tv audio)                                CD
      29 Jan    How Jesus Acted  (poor tv audio)                                      CD
      29 Jan    The UN and Jesus                                                             CD
     19 Feb    Misassumptions About Xmas and the Sabbath (Ch10)       CD
     19 Feb    The Resurrection (No intro)                                               CD
          Mar    Has the Pulpit Lost its Power  (tv audio)                            CD

     05 Mar    The Watchman of Ezekiel 33  (tv audio)                            CD

     12 Mar    Salvation Supermarket  (Ch9)                                           CD
     19 Mar    Prophets and Prophecy (Ch9) poor tv audio                      CD
     26 Mar    Newscaster  -  When (Ch9 tv audio)                                 CD
     14 May    I Will Come Again (tv audio)                                            CD
     21 May    Second Coming (tv audio)                                                CD
                     Australian Animals (tv audio)                                            CD
                     Spiders (First 9 minutes - tv audio)                                   CD
                     Easter                                                                              CD
                     Evolution and Science                                                       CD
                     Is Jesus God (see Mar-02)                                               CD
                     Misconceptions About Jesus  (poor tv audio)                    CD
                     Prayer                                                                              CD
                     The Gospel (fades out half way)                                        CD
                     Jesus and the Law  (no intro/outro) 13 min                        CD

                     Theory for the Birds  Proof of God (First 4 min)

                     Time Chance and Circumstance (Night Campaign)            CD MP3

                     Questions and Answers (no intro)                                     CD
                     Best Efforts                                                                      CD
                     Read the Book                                                                 CD
          Apr    GTA in Seattle on the Family Unit                        84 min   CD
     17 Sep    The Times of the Gentiles                                    79 min a CD
     02 Oct     Feast of Tabernacles - Mt Pocano PA (noisy)     05 min   CD
     26 Nov    GTA in Australia - Sydney Showground (poor)   90 min   CD