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DVDs Installation Instructions


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Step 1:

Make sure you have 7 GB of available free space for each of the DVDs you are installing (e.g. 21 GB for the first three DVDs).  The free space can be on any internal or external disk drive.


Step 2:

Insert each of the DVDs into your DVD disk drive and wait for the installation procedure screen to appear.  If nothing happens within 5 minutes you will need to manually run the Autorun.exe file which is on each of the DVDs.


Step 3:

Read the installation procedure screen and follow the directions given there.  If you change the installation directory you will need to do so on every one of the Unzip boxes that appears, and after the last DVD is finished, you will also need to change the shortcut to point to the new directory.  If the shortcut fails to be created, you can create it manually.  Simply create a shortcut to x:\HWA Searchable Library\index.html, where x is the drive you installed the files on.


Here is a list of the self-extracting zip files that will be executed on each of the DVDs.  You will need to click the Unzip, OK, and Close buttons for each of these extracts as they appear.

             DVD disk 1             DVD disk 2             DVD disk 3

                 HWA #01.exe                   HWA #01.exe                   HWA #01.exe

                 HWA #02.exe                   HWA #02.exe                   HWA #02.exe

                 HWA #11.exe                   HWA #03.exe                   HWA #03.exe

                 HWA #12.exe.                  HWA #11.exe                   HWA #11.exe

                                                   HWA #12.exe                   HWA #12.exe

                                                                                     HWA #1fix.exe

Step 4:

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or problems, or click HERE to read our Frequently Asked Questions.